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Retirement Administrators
Retirement Planning Services
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We work closely with our clients to provide expert plan design, eligibility and vesting determination, compliance testing, contribution determination and government forms preparation.  Click here for a summarized list of plans.  
Plan consultants
Plan design and installment
Enrollment meeting assistance
In house administration from a dedicated support team
Management and employee reports
Participant statements
Compliance testing
5500 completion
Daily valuations
Secure internet access
Instant account balance information
Ability to monitor and change investment seclections daily
Fund transfers and rebalancing
​IRS corrections Program assistance
Coordinate with attorneys
Assist accountants and CPAs
Actuarial support
Audit assistance

Plan documentations and summary plan description
Plan prototypes
Employee communication materials
Enrollment and meeting services
​Ongoing enrollment services
Confirmation of investments
Investment review and monitoring
Plan activity and anit-discrimination testing
Complete loan processing services
Emergency withdrawal monitoring
Participant statements
Quarterly, semi-annual and annual employer reports
Plan valuation reports for the employer
Deferred compensation arrangements
Executive incentive plans
Asset transfers
Plan terminations
Toll-free 800 number
Trustee services and tax form preparations
We provide participants with detailed and timely statements, allowing them to monitor the long-term performance of their account.  Plan sponsors are provided with a comprehensive summary, which outlines all plan activity each reporting period.

Stalker & Associates handles all paperwork necessary for statement reporting as well as he paperwork for contributions and loans. We supply payroll stuffers, announcement letters and other informational items to help educate employees.  We conduct employee meetings with personalized enrollment forms and illustrations of the benefits being offered.

As third party administrators, we work with all major investment platforms and partner with registered investment management firms for clients interested in offering access to plans from more than one investment house.  We have relationships with other companies that allow access to personal fund management services.  Using custom software, we ensure timely and accurate distributions, generate employee and management reports, and prepare required government forms including FASB, GASB, and 5500s.

Just some of the services we provide :